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Heroicons for WordPress Part 2 - Official Plugin Release

In my previous post, I detailed how I created a custom WordPress block for adding Heroicons to a WordPress post or page. I can now announce that this is officially listed in the WordPress plugin directory, and is available to install in your site directly from any WordPress plugins “add” function.

Not Git, but SVN?

Even though I use Git for version control of my code, like most regular dev folk, WordPress doesn’t use this to manage releases of official plugins inside its repository of plugins. Rather, it uses SVN (or, Subversion) for this purpose. I haven’t really touched this tech for quite a number of years, when I worked for an agency that was actively phasing this out in favour of Git.

Installing it is fairly simple, if you know how to use your command line:

brew install svn

Then, you need to have the repo connected on your local machine, add your files, and commit the changes, like you would for a Git project:

cd my-plugin-dir
svn co <svn-repo-url-here>                              # "check out" the remote repo
mkdir trunk
mkdir assets
# add your plugin files to the trunk dir
# add some assets like images and icons
svn add trunk/*                                         # Add all files to svn trunk repo
svn add assets/*                                        # Add all files to svn assets repo
svn ci -m 'Adding first version of my plugin'

Having never released a plugin for WordPress in this manner, I had a bit of learning to do in order to make this happen. The review process for the plugin concludes with official approval 🙌🏼, along with a few links to some documentation on releasing a plugin into the WordPress ecosystem. Alas, I don’t find this kind of documentation particularly easy to digest, so I went looking elsewhere for some help.

Thankfully, the internet is full of information, and before long I was able to find some helpful content to guide me through this process. Kudos to Imran (see the link) for also creating some videos on YouTube walking through the process.

You can view the plugin page on, or search for “heroicons” in the “add new” plugin search, and there you will find it. I still have a bit of work to do to fill out the details, add screenshots, etc., but at the very least the plugin is out there and ready to be used.

Please feel free to try it out, and don’t forget to go and give it a 5-star review! 😎

heroicon block in WordPress Admin

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