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Michael LaRoy Is Your Web Partner

I help brands get their message out online without the friction

Michael LaRoy

Stop losing sleep over your website

I partner with my clients to enable them to take control of their online experience. Most of my clients are without their own in-house development team, which is where I come in. I'm able to help them build and maintain their web properties to help them achieve their marketing goals, and allowing them to focus on their core business.

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  • CMS Powered Website

    Get a professionally crafted custom WordPress or Statamic site without the cruft, tailored for your needs. No off-the-shelf solutions here.

  • Headless JavaScript App

    Use Next.js for a React-based, server-rendered front-end that's easy to use and maintain. Combine with virtually any data source or headless CMS.

  • Static Landing Page

    Leverage the latest in blazing fast websites and modern JavaScript with a static site with Astro or Gatsby, built on React.

  • Shopify Store

    A custom-coded site on Shopify, the leading ecommerce platform making it easy for you to sell online.

Client Praise

I'd highly recommend working with Michael - it's rare to find someone who acts as a bridge for so many areas, but specifically because of his ability to communicate and lead digital projects well. I deeply appreciate his ability to find the optimal solution considering the bigger picture.

Zach BulickDomain7

Michael is one of those developers with a really high “get it” factor — he just intuitively gets business goals that are tied to the development work he’s doing, which allows him to create better solutions... Highly recommend you chat with Michael.

Paul ZalewskiSVP Marketing, Verblio

I have the best experiences with Michael’s skills and attention in how he delivers and responds to our requirements. Compared to other vendors, his quality of work, level of analysis and response is way better than the rest.

Tom DavidBC Hydro

When looking to update our marketing website... I thought of you, you’re the best one I’ve ever worked with.

Rotem EshedVP Marketing, Databand


Floorspace website homepage


A custom Next.js application using WordPress as a headless CMS, built for an industry-disrupting commercial real estate brokerage.

SFU Program Explorer website

SFU Program Explorer

A JavaScript application built with Vue that allows students to explore the programs offered at Simon Fraser University's Faculty of Education, in partnership with Wiseblood.

Tundra Technical conference dashboard

Tundra Technical Solutions

A custom metrics dashboard to show at a conference trade show booth. Built with Astro, TailwindCSS, and JavaScript.

UBC Summer program homepage

UBC Summer Program

In partership with Domain7, this is a custom WordPress site for UBC's Vancouver Summer Program, using Gutenberg blocks with ACF and TailwindCSS.


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Heroicons WordPress Plugin

Heroicons is open source WordPress plugin that allows you to use the Heroicons SVG icons in your WordPress site.

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