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Client Success Story: CompStak

This year I had the opportunity to help improve the marketing capabilities for CompStak via a website overhaul, giving them back control over the website.

The situation

Management of the site was largely out of their hands - a code-only React site, they were dependent on a 3rd party team to be able to make any changes at all. As a result, they were unable to make updates at a cadence that worked for them. They were limited in executing any marketing initiatives on their own terms, and the lack of direct access to editing their website was a real bottleneck.

The solution

Their VP of Marketing Rotem reached out to me to enlist my help to integrate WordPress as a Content Management System. She said, “you were the only one I thought of,” after the success of a web project on which we had collaborated previously.

“It is super easy to make changes which was something that was very difficult for us before,” she said, after the launch of CompStak’s new site, which can be found at They even had a rebrand in the works, which they were able to roll out quickly upon launch of their new site.

Migrating to the CMS allowed us to make edits in seconds, and even do a rebrand in and implement in one month… a project that would have taken us maybe a few quarters took us only one month!

Now, their marketing team can create and edit content at their leisure, and the tech team has the ability to edit or create new custom blocks to suit their needs.

Are you looking to take more control of your website? Are you dependent on a third party that holds up your progress?

Here are some of the ways I can help you achieve outcomes like CompStak:

  • New website projects - with or without a CMS
  • Monthly development retainers
  • Web consulting for internal teams

I’m currently booking into February and March of 2024. Drop me a line by cliking on “get in touch” above to see if I can help move the needle for you too.

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