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Agency Partnership: Wiseblood for SFU Program Explorer

A regular part of my work is with creative and digital agencies, coming alongside them to help deliver the digital/web aspects of their project and client work.

This last year, along with Wiseblood, I helped with their client SFU to launch a Program Explorer for their Faculty of Education. Designed for prospective students interested in the field of eduction, it helps them to discover learning paths that align with their career goals through an interactive questionnaire.

As part of Wiseblood’s work on the overall SFU website design, UX, and digital strategy, I built this tool to be embedded right into the SFU Faculty of Education’s page. You can see that case study on Wiseblood’s website.

Don’t let the simplicity of this app fool you - there was a detailed and intricate matrix outlining the flow of the questions, and which combination of options would follow each selection as you progress through it.

Translating a content flow matrix from an Excel spreadsheet into code can be challenging. Leveraging the power of the JavaScript library Vue.js, I was able to streamline the complexity of the program explorer and make it fairly straightforward for SFU to update and maintain for the future as course offerings change.

Does your agency need a dev partner to help execute your designs and content strategy? Drop me a line to see how I can help you deliver for your clients.

Program Explorer

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