Drupal and Foundation 5

After have success using Bootstrap starter themes on some Drupal (and some WordPress) projects, I decided I wanted to try something different for my next project. Foundation is the other large framework that compares with Bootstrap – and never having used it on a large scale project, I thought it would be worth the effort. The […]

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About Me

My name is Michael LaRoy, a web developer and designer in Vancouver BC, with experience in leading open-source platforms Drupal and WordPress.

I am passionate about beautiful, thoughtful, and quality people and things. It is my aim to work together with you to tailor a solution to help you grow business through your website.

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Featured Work


I designed this new site for the company where I was working, AGLOBALWAY Consulting Services. In need of a new site after using an off-the-shelf site since the company began, this new Drupal theme brings a responsive design and a refreshed look and feel.


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