Three Years In

I just learned that today marks three years since I started this site, which has certainly evolved from its humble beginnings. Not so coincidentally, my career in web development has undergone some evolution of its own. Back then, I was just beginning my studies at BCIT, with no real idea what was in store for me. This site […]

Moving to

Dear faithful readers, as of this moment, this blog site is currently not really connected to my portfolio/personal website. I am currently in the process of redesigning that site, with the intent to incorporate the blog – this blog. At some point in the near future, this site may not exist, so I kindly ask […]

New site launched

This month I had the privilege of developing a new site in WordPress for a Canadian non-profit called thisvillage. Designed by my good friend and extremely talented designer Zach Bulick, I developed a custom WordPress theme for their site. Go ahead, check ’em out, and make a donation to their cause!

Week 21: Keep…whatever. And carry on.

As of last week, all of our instruction is pretty much wrapped up.  I spent just about every day this week doing the bulk of the work on my soon-to-be launched portfolio site, which is one of our two final projects, the other being a client project which is also just about finished. As with […]