2015 – A Year in Review

Back at the beginning of this year I wrote about some goals for the rest of 2015. This year has been a fairly eventful one for me, so allow me to take the time to recap with you. Naturally, goals tend to be adjusted as time goes, and this year was no different. My goals were threefold […]

Portfolio – time for an overhaul

It’s been almost a year and a half since mikelaroy.ca launched in its current incarnation. It has undergone various minor tweaks here and there as bugs were discovered, but I think it’s time for a change. Considerations Beyond the fact that my blog/portfolio site feels tired (to me at least), I have been wondering about a […]

The Future of Front-End

Facing the loss of my job at a development startup when the company folded, I found myself speaking with a fairly wide variety of organizations in my search for a new gig. In the process, I was fortunate to discover what seems to be the direction in which “front-end” web development is headed. My experience of the […]

What’s next? Some goals for 2015

Every new year is traditionally a time for self-reflection and examination, goal-setting and generally looking forward. It has been a habit over the last several years now to get together at this time of year with a dear friend just across the border in the USA to do just that. We began simply meeting around this […]

Considering the User Experience

One of the reasons I began a career designing and building the web is because of User Experience. There are countless examples of poorly considered sites that motivate me to think about all of the interactions you might perform on a given web site, and how they could be better.  I’ve also used the word “considered” […]