Three Years In

I just learned that today marks three years since I started this site, which has certainly evolved from its humble beginnings. Not so coincidentally, my career in web development has undergone some evolution of its own.

Back then, I was just beginning my studies at BCIT, with no real idea what was in store for me. This site served as an outlet for processing my own learning as I was in the thick of it. I discovered along the way that writing about what I was studying helped me to understand it better, as having to explain something certainly requires understanding. Three years later, I have a great gig working at Engine Digital doing front-end development.

If you’re familiar with this site, you’ll notice some changes have taken place since your last visit here, as my new theme made its debut just 2 days ago. Fear not, there will be some forthcoming content outlining some of the features I have included. Some highlights include: building with Gulp, reducing dependency on plugins, and tapping into some APIs to display some fun content in the footer.

Stay tuned!