Drupal – making friends with the beast

I recently started working at a company that uses open source web technologies, and so far just about all of my time has been spent developing in Drupal. With only limited knowledge of Drupal going in, every day is a challenge where nearly every task involves a question or two, some Googling, and general poking […]

Single-purpose Chrome browser extensions?

Back in December, it was announced that Google would be enforcing single-purpose browser extensions, a crackdown aimed at improving and streamlining the browsing experience. Read about it here. It’s always a risk to read comments for an online article, as opinionated people tend to be quite blunt, even to the point of being rude or […]

Check out my new site!

Dear readers, welcome to my brand new site which I launched in the wee hours of this Sunday morning (though it still feels like Saturday night…).  I have been getting quite a bit busier with various projects, so it was my goal to get this redesign up some time this weekend, so I can focus […]

Moving to mikelaroy.ca

Dear faithful readers, as of this moment, this blog site is currently not really connected to my portfolio/personal website. I am currently in the process of redesigning that site, with the intent to incorporate the blog – this blog. At some point in the near future, this site may not exist, so I kindly ask […]