For the sake of the Open Web

The Internet is in the mind of the media a lot lately, it seems. Just this week, governments around the world have (finally) recommended against using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, particularly its older versions. Not because they are decrepit and need to be retired, but because of security. Either way, sound advice. More importantly however, there […]

Asking why: thinking beyond your task

As I dip my toes into my career in web, I am continually thinking about what more I can do to keep improving in my job.  I work at a consulting company where I spend most of my days developing  websites in Drupal, and generally, by the time we enter into the mix the projects […]

Designing with efficiency

I recently attended a meetup here in Vancouver, where the topics revolve around all things front-end web development and design. Started by some of the web’s local heavy hitters and supported by local tech darlings Mobify (and this week hosted by Hootsuite), there is never any shortage of valuable discussion or lessons to glean from seasoned veterans […]

Guidelines for a webdesign Request for Proposal

Effective communication is essential to any successful business partnership, and when engaging someone to build your website, clarity is of utmost importance. So what sort of information should you provide when you are seeking proposals for your project?  A website project can take any number of forms, from a few simple designs all the way […]

Content strategy – the reason behind your website

So you’ve decided that you need a website. But before you get started, it is vital to consider some fundamental questions.  There are lots of and hows and whens that come in to play, but more important are the whats and the whys. Your website won’t do you any good if there is no clear direction or purpose behind your site. This is […]