What’s next? Some goals for 2015

Every new year is traditionally a time for self-reflection and examination, goal-setting and generally looking forward. It has been a habit over the last several years now to get together at this time of year with a dear friend just across the border in the USA to do just that. We began simply meeting around this […]

What is your business worth?

Investing in your business is a big deal, and you want to make every dollar that you spend count.  You work tirelessly to provide the best value for your clients with the products or services that you offer.  You always use the right tools for the job, and you don’t waste your money on the cheap […]

Considering the User Experience

One of the reasons I began a career designing and building the web is because of User Experience. There are countless examples of poorly considered sites that motivate me to think about all of the interactions you might perform on a given web site, and how they could be better.  I’ve also used the word “considered” […]

Site Launch – Margot Richards Lighting Consultant

Over the weekend I launched the new site I built for Margot Richards, a lighting consultant in Vancouver, BC.  For Margot, this minimalist site serves to frame the photography of the places and spaces she has lit. This new site is based on the design she had for a previous incarnation of margotrichardslighting.com, but with a […]

Becoming a Better Web Developer

In any discipline there are different stages of learning where the curve is steep at times, less so at others.  It is a universal truth that growth happens when one is pushing hard up that hill to make it to the plateau at the top.  Only, there never really is a top… only more steep […]