2015 – A Year in Review

Back at the beginning of this year I wrote about some goals for the rest of 2015. This year has been a fairly eventful one for me, so allow me to take the time to recap with you. Naturally, goals tend to be adjusted as time goes, and this year was no different.

My goals were threefold this year:

  1. A site redesign
  2. More client projects
  3. Improved design and coding chops


Briefly, I’d say I had moderate success. First, despite evidence to the contrary, I did in fact do a new design for this blog. However, it remains only 95% finished – hence the reason it continues to appear as it does.  Second, I did do some freelance client work, but I didn’t exceed the number of clients I had for 2014. It’s just as well, considering the reason I laid off from pursuing more clients.

New Opportunities

I found out in March of this year that the startup where I had been working was about to shut down. Faced with being out of full time work, I hit the pavement eagerly and confidently, interviewing with several agencies with promising opportunities. I ended up deciding on Wallop, where I worked for 3 months, before moving on to Engine Digital, which was my first choice when first looking for work at the outset.

Working at both Wallop and Engine set me on a path to making headway on the 3rd item in the list. This was the primary reason I chose to make the move to Engine, and it has paid off. As you might see when I get around to publishing this site with a new theme, I believe the design chops have certainly improved – but it is the coding chops that I have had the biggest opportunity to develop this year so far at Engine.

Having had the chance to build several sites with a measure of guidance, I have definitely grown in my understanding of JavaScript, and other front-end technologies.  We employ a BEM-style CSS structure in our projects, which has also helped improve my abilities with SASS. Coupled with more advanced build tools like Gulp with Node.js , building sites has become both much more easy, and more complex.

And, as is to be expected, the more we know, the more we know what we don’t know.’

And for 2016?

I have yet to determine any new objectives for the next year, but I surmise I will be able to take some time to reflect over the holidays. More than likely, the goals will be similar to 2015’s, adjusted for new circumstances and pursuits. Until then, Merry Christmas to all, and happy New Year!

  • Giorgio Riccardi

    Nice work! Thanks for the ideas I found on your new site, looking forward to see it on Github 😉

    • mlaroy

      Thanks Giorgio! What ideas did you most like? Not sure it’ll end up on Github, but we will see.

    • Giorgio Riccardi

      The focused transition on the labels in the Contact Form, just to start….