New site launched

This month I had the privilege of developing a new site in WordPress for a Canadian non-profit called thisvillage. Designed by my good friend and extremely talented designer Zach Bulick, I developed a custom WordPress theme for their site. Go ahead, check ’em out, and make a donation to their cause!

Week 19: Final Projects

This last week was an interesting milestone, in a way. We had the full week (minus the holiday Monday) free to work on our final projects for the end of our time at BCIT. I call it a milestone, because there is a sense in which it feels like an introduction to working in the […]

Week 16: Drupal Cont’d

As it turns out, putting together a site from Drupal isn’t quite as straightforward as I imagined. With practice, however, much can be accomplished. My challenge has less to do with creating a template, with regions into which content can be inserted, as it has to do with operating the CMS itself. With Drupal, one […]